Sale starts 31.10.2018 ends 31.10.2019
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The Blockchain

Of Music Copyrights



settlement of royalties based on usage


of contract characteristics


since a copyright contract cannot be altered


Under the surveillance of the Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein

A Fast Growing



Many artists joined us, what about you ?

How it all started

November 2017
End of market research, white paper 0.1 version, legal advice, build a team.
March 2018
LabelsCoin website and LBSC token creation, update white paper 0.2.
April 2018
Patent the device and first meeting with Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein, update white paper 0.3.
June 2018
Genesis of LabelsCoin blockchain: genesis block creation, update white paper 0.4.
June 2018
Development of LabelsCoin blockchain, meet up conference Montreux Palace (Switzerland) press conference in Venafro, Italy.
July 2018
Legal advice of LBSC token, LabelsCoin officially International Trademark.
August 2018
Second meeting with Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein, incorporation of KYC in our website, development of blockchain, meet up with Swiss Cyber Security in Geneva, Switzerland.
September 2018
PRE-ICO: 33.4% of the token will be on pre-sale to determine the price of the ICO.
October 2018
White paper 0.5, meeting with EOS NATION.
November 2018
INITIAL COIN OFFERING, the 40% of tokens will be distributed.
November 2018
Bounty token distribution LBSC 76.000 still ongoing , Legal token distribution LBSC 100.000, meeting at Zero Day Conference, Genève.
December 2018
Ongoing ICO.
January 2019
Finalization of the blockchain services.
January 2019
Achieved first prototype of our device.
February 2019
Device experiment.
March 2019
Project financing device.
March 2019
LabelsCoin mobile App.
June 2019
Go-live with blockchain services - Marketing campaign.
July 2019
Starting production of our device.
August 2019
Voting for the exchange.

Board members

Founder – CEO – Inventor

Dr. jur. Frank Zindel

Legal advisor

Team members

Bruno De Angelis

Artistic manager

Gregory Krieger

Chief Communication Officer

Anthony Fasano


Benoit Perret

IT Security Expert

Guido Varesano

Graphic designer

Distribution of Tokens

Our The majority of the tokens will be offered during the pre-sale and the main sale. The remaining tokens will be distributed among advisors, the team and bounties. The following graphic shows the planed distribution of the tokens.

Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns.

  • 74% Distributed to Community

  • 13% Reserve

  • 10% Founder and Team

  • 2% Advisors

  • 1% Bounty campaign

Main sale funds raised will be used as follows

We care of you. We are well-aware that such innovative technology, needs of energy and financial ressources to implement it into the market. Every aspect whether it is in R&D or in marketing is studied carefully to reach our common goal.

I believe success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination.Zig Ziglar

  • 55% Device production and IT infrastructure

  • 20% Marketing - User acquisition

  • 20% Research and developpement

  • 10% Salaries and wages

  • 5% Security and audit